Took a few weeks, but I'm in

February 2, 2020

So here we are, beginning week 3 of my experiment as a GFP member. You may recall that my major reason for embarking on this journey was to gain strength in what feels like a body made of only skin, bones and all of the fatty Shake Shack burgers I indulged in over the years.

“I am seeing muscles in places I haven’t seen in 2 decades!”

I remember reading this quote from a female GFP client and thinking that was what I wanted: Those muscles back. They were never really big muscles, but I knew they existed as they helped me run, lift things, play with my little 2-year-old niece without aching afterward.

Yes, I had 'em once. I know they are in there somewhere. The goal now is to figure out where in the heck they went.

Well, after two weeks of training a few times a week at GFP, I can report that this week, I actually feel more muscular. And that feeling of being more muscular is supported by the fact that I just increased some of my resistance and weights.

I used to lift 12.5 pound weights and now I am up to 15 lbs. Okay, it's not a huge jump, but noteworthy nonetheless.

Painful aging is real

Aging and all of those issues of aching and feeling weaker are a real thing. I found myself bemoaning the facts of aging with pal last week. We agreed that, by the time you hit your 40's, it's difficult to find something to get BETTER at. At least when it comes to physical activities. Things degrade. Muscles certainly can weaken. So getting better at something like strength training feels like a real accomplishment.

Indeed, I can honestly say, after two weeks, I am getting better at this.

At the end of a session, I typically thank my trainers. But this week in particular, I feel like really patting them on the back. They pushed me -- just enough -- to see improvements. And that is the motivation I need to keep coming back.

So for those of you just starting a workout routine, or about to start one, take it from me and countless others who are pushing themselves, after a few weeks, you WILL get better at this, too.

(Next week I want to talk about how my posture is improving! And I think it has to do with the fact that my core is stronger, but I wanna ask the trainers about this first to see if I am just imagining things...)


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