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How to Eat Clean Without Breaking the Bank

Cathy and Tom show you some of their favorite foods that can help you eat cleaner and not spend a lot of money! They ventured out to grocery stores and each spent less than $20 bucks and got some of the favorite healthy items. They will show you: Great Snacks Easy Meal Prep Ideas Condiments & Spices Simple, but […]

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Mythbuster: is Sugar da devil?

Sugar? The Devil? Calm down, Bobby Boucher. Sugar is very easy to demonize. People say it causes obesity, or it's the sole reason you can’t lose weight. Yada Yada Yada. The reason sugar sucks is because it is so easy to consume a TON of it and not feel full. The sugar that absolutely sucks, […]

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Mythbuster: Veganism. Healthy or not?

Is Going Vegan Actually Healthier than Not Going Vegan? Let's Myth Bust this. [Avg Read Time: 2 mins]Adopting a vegan lifestyle where you eat mainly whole foods has tons of benefits. A few are… weight loss lowering blood sugar helping protect against certain cancers lowering your risk of heart disease even reducing pain from arthritis […]

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Mythbuster: 15 min workouts, good or bad?

Who doesn’t love Jason Momoa? I'm a huge fangirl when it comes to his movies. However, I am not a huge fan of this 15-minute workout promising to drop 10 lbs. A workout can be a great start towards a weight loss goal; even if it is only 15 minutes. However, there is a lot […]

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Are you feeling burnt out?

Are you feeling burnt out? It’s admirable to workout every single day. Consistency is a huge factor in reaching any goal. However, when it comes to fitness, balance matters… A lot. If you want to be your best in the gym, being a workout warrior every day of the week, with no breaks, is not […]

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Took a few weeks, but I'm in

So here we are, beginning week 3 of my experiment as a GFP member. You may recall that my major reason for embarking on this journey was to gain strength in what feels like a body made of only skin, bones and all of the fatty Shake Shack burgers I indulged in over the years. […]

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