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Men, it’s not too late!

Men…It’s not too late! I got a ton of feedback from the last MANopause article. Many were surprised to learn that men and women go through similar physiological changes as they age. This week, I’ll talk about what you men, or women reading for their husbands, can do to slow or even prevent the decline […]

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Explosiveness for Athletes: The Jump Shrug

If your high school athlete is looking to jump higher and develop a quicker first step, the Jump Shrug is one of the best exercises they can do. It’s also an exercise that most athletes do wrong – unless they have proper supervision from a trained coach. The safest way for your son or daughter […]

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The third and final ‘ladies’ installment

By now, you’ve seen the research. Women are just as capable as men when it comes to losing fat. Going through menopause doesn’t guarantee a life of ‘overweightness’. Yes, your hormones change, you change the way you store fat, and your energy expenditure goes down. But you can still lose weight and be healthy! Now the […]

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I’m sorry – I forgot about the Hormones!

I need to apologize. Last week, I sent out an article explaining how women and men lose fat at the same rate. And I received a lot of heat for it. The backlash I experienced was, at times, uncomfortable. I am sorry: I’m not a woman, and I have not gone through “my changes”. Here’s the […]

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Is it really easier for men to lose fat than women?

Every time we run a transformation challenge or a nutrition program with a monetary reward, I always have one huge concern… …and it’s no different this time.  We’re midway through Week 2 of the Foolproof Fatloss Formula – and I’ve already heard it at least 50 times: “It’s so much easier for men to lose fat!” “Men […]

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How to burn more fat in every workout

Most people work out because they want to look and feel better. The ‘looking better’ part is the product of 2 things: losing body fat and increasing muscle mass. Pretty simple right? Now, you already know that heavier resistance training and high-intensity interval training are the best workouts for getting great results.  But what if […]

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