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Tweaking form? It's a great way to improve.

November 11, 2019

by Michelle McCabe, GFP Trainer

Having a trainer tweak your form can lead to big results.

Are you seeing results from your workout regimen? Do you get hurt every once in a while from your workouts? Do you know if you’re doing the right thing when you’re exercising?

If you said yes to any one of the questions above, it may be time to take a look at your plan and see if a professional can help. 

Here at GFP we often see that one small tweak to an exercise can change EVERYTHING. As a coach I witness this happen ALL the time. There have been so many times when we’ve made a small tweak in someone’s form we hear “ OMG! that doesn’t hurt now” or “ Oh, NOW I feel it in that spot!”, and “I totally didn’t know I was supposed to feel it there!”. 

There are a few things  you should know: 

Exercise is not supposed to hurt you.

“No pain, no gain” is an old fashioned saying. Exercise should not hurt you-- if it is, you may be doing it wrong or have an underlying problem that needs to be addressed. Our excellent trainers at GFP make sure that the exercises you’re doing are appropriate for YOU and we correct your form so that you don’t get hurt.  BIG TAKE AWAY – you stay healthy so that you can keep coming back to the gym and get results.  

You should know “where you’re supposed to feel it” 

Ever do an exercise and not know if you’re doing it right or feeling it in the right spot? You should know! At the very least you should be able to trust that the exercises you’re doing are working right. GFP trainers are trained to make sure you’re “feeling it” in the right spots and that you are doing the exercises that WILL give you the results you want. 

Finally, you should be getting BETTER!!  

The exercises you’re doing should start to get easier or you should be able to do more, or add heavier weight to them, or progress to a harder version. You should be getting exposed to different and new exercises and coached up on the form. This is how you grow, you get better and get closer to your goals. If you don’t have anyone coaching and correcting you.. how will you know you’re not just spinning your wheels? 

Small tweaks to your form can make a big difference! 

Make sure you have a coach who is a pro and can help you with corrections!


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