“Since starting at Gabriele Fitness i’m down 20 pounds and fitting into clothes I haven’t worn in years.”

Amy Lamotta

“They will tap into your potential regardless where you are starting from. I was coming back from an injury and was able to start skiing again.”

​Sally Dreyer

“I met some of my best friends here. I have so much energy. I can keep up with my grandchildren now. Gabriele Fitness is my family”

Helen M

“You can hold off forever and feel the same way you’ve been feeling, or you can pull the trigger and come down here and feel amazing.”

​Colin Groothius

“I’ve made some really good friends here. I like coming to workout with them, they follow along with you and encourage you in everything that you do”

Shannon Naughton

“If you want to be more active in life, I 100% recommend Gabriele Fitness”

Roman Oben

“The sense of community here at GFP is what motivates me to come back every single day, now i’m in the best shape of my life”

​Jennifer Kortman

“I remember the day I started at Gabriele Fitness so well because It was the day I was reborn”

Cathy Balsomo

“When I walk through the doors of Gabriele Fitness I feel like part of a family, I really mean that”

Steve Mueller

“I wouldn’t be able to live my life as I do now without Gabriele Fitness”

​Anthony Pergola

“I was frustrated with my fitness routine and gaining weight before finding Gabriele Fitness” At 44, i’m more fit than I was at 33″

Deana Cumiskey

“It’s like I’m addicted now. I’m addicted to my workouts and addicted to feeling amazing”

​Paull Ippolito

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