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My Consultation Fears?

January 17, 2020

So my journey here at Gabriele Fitness all started with me recognizing that -- I am not strong. I used to be strong. Back in high school when I played a plethora of sports, it was easy to keep muscle. But now, at age 47, I realize that keeping muscle requires, some, attention.

Fast forward (not that long only a week or so) to my signing up and setting up a time for my Gabriele Fitness Consultation session. The word itself sounds clinical. I wasn't really sure what the contours of this meeting would be. I've done gym tours before, so I had some experience.

Regardless, here are a few things I imagined it would be:

I would get a tour of the gym

I would meet a few people.

I would get a folder with some information in it.

So, yes I did do all 3 of those things, but also I did so much more.

On the day, I met with Frankie. I had about an hour together with her and here is what we did.

First she sat with me and we talked. She asked me a handful of questions about my health and history. (I KNOW that sounds like a meeting with a doctor, and it was...kind of...but stay with me and I'll get to that). The questions at first were, high level. You know, questions that covered my basic background. but within a few minutes, we seemed to bridge to a slightly different, more personal line of discussion. A conversation about why I was there. What was it that I wanted to change or fix? What was important to me? I found myself dishing out information that, at first, seemed pretty personal. But after a while, I could tell that Frankie wasn't there to judge me, she was there to understand me and my motivations for getting healthy. And in a way, health IS personal. Especially when you want to remain healthy and active for your family.

Okay, on to lighter subjects! Frankie then took me out on the floor (Glad they told me in advance to wear comfortable clothes) and we went through what they call a Functional Movement Assessment. This sounds daunting, but really it is just a series of moves that Frankie asked me to do to get a sense of how limber I am. Turns out, not that limber. There were 5 movements and they were easy to perform. Here is where the "physician feeling" came in. She took notes and nodded a lot. You know, like a doctor tends to do when you are discussing your health? But it was different because Frankie described why I was doing these moves and WHY it mattered. She was already starting on my Personalized Plan. This data she was collecting on my moves was informing her of what I can and cannot do...yet.

One of the five functional movement moves. Easy.

Next up was a quick body scan on the InBody machine. Took about 1-2 minutes and after another minute, it spat out a bunch of data on my body composition. From how much muscle I have to WHERE it is on my body, How much of my weight is water, etc. w

What looked like jibberish to me, was actually a benchmark for how I do going forward. She told me I should get on the machine once a week to see results. I wasn't afraid - I like getting information about myself. I think we all do!

At that point we wrapped up. I thanked Frankie who thanked me back. As she continued to scratch down a few remaining notes about my consultation, I met Deana and set up my first session: a 1-1 with another trainer.

First day? Nothing negative to report. Lots of questions answered. So, it's all good so far. Until next time...


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