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Meet the Trainers: Frankie

January 17, 2020
Science, Whitney and Squats: What do these 3 things have in common?

They are a few of the facets of Frankie Formisano, a trainer/coach here at GFP.

Welcome to the second installment of Meet the Trainer where we are thrilled to introduce you to our team of highly-experienced personal trainers.

Like Wes, who we introduced to you in December, Frankie is one of our youngest trainers. Don’t hold that against her: she’s been studying the science of exercise and health for 6 years.

When she’s on the gym floor training members, Frankie smiles a lot.

But she is a tough trainer.

Especially when it comes to correcting members' squats - one of her favorite moves.

Frankie has been part of our personal training team for a good stretch of time now.

In addition to pushing our adult members to their limits, Frankie gets our community's young athletes in shape for their sport season.

She loves witnessing the transition of the Gabriele Fitness teens as they become more comfortable around strength equipment. She impressed upon us that teaching correct movements to teens and pre-teens is key to seeing them improve at their sport.

Loads of high school students in our surrounding towns know Frankie from training here as part of our Sports Performance program.

(But did they, or anyone, know her favorite song from the ’80s is Whitney’s "I Wanna Dance with Somebody"? I think next time we play that song at the gym, Frankie should probably serenade us all with a few bars…)

On to lunch.

We’re so glad that we ask our GFP trainers to share their favorite recipes, ‘cause, yet again, here is a super lunchtime dish that anyone can pull together.

Frankie’s Fave Lunch Bowl:
Brown rice (hint: cook big batch a few days in advance to use over the course of several days)
Chicken or ground turkey
Salsa, mild
Corn, canned ('cause it is nearly impossible to find fresh)
Black beans
and a dash of taco seasoning for a little extra flavor

Yum. Honestly, ditch your old recipe books and just ask our trainers for meal ideas from now on.

Frankie is proud to be strong and confident and certainly radiates a certain positivity when you are training with her.

She adores her family and baking when she has the time.

And she is quite serious about exercise: she got her B.S. in Exercise Science and Health and a concentration in Sports Science along with a Masters Degree in Exercise Science from East Stroudsburg University.

And more recently she got her PPSC certification (Pain-Free Performance Specialist).

So yeah, we think she understands the science of exercise and sports quite well.

So all in all, you can’t go wrong with Frankie helping you out with your training regiment.

If you haven't had the chance to meet Frankie and the rest of the training team, come on down to Gabriele Fitness to get your free fitness audit.


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