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I slept 9 hours

January 24, 2020

For the first time in months, I went to bed and slept a whopping 9 hours straight.

9 hours. In a row.

That is quite a feat and something I haven't done in years. It was Friday night that it happened. And I was having a totally regular week except for the fact that I started small Group Training at GFP.

I trained twice during the week. How did I feel? Well, there was overall soreness which I imagine helped make me feel tired...I certainly drank more water than I typically do, but I can only assume it was the workouts that sent me off to dreamland for so long.

But let's back up a few days.

It was Tuesday that I completed my first personal training session. Bryan was my trainer for the hour. We started off with some roller stretching. This was an education for me. (We have a roller at home, but I admit that I had no idea how to use it.) Bryan showed me how to use the roller to put pressure on my muscles that were tight, thereby "massaging the muscle" to prepare it for strength training. It felt pretty good. Also it's not as difficult as it looked.

When the members were all done stretching and warming up, we broke into small groups and started the hour-long class. Although, "Class" is probably the wrong word to describe the hour. It wasn't a matter of Trainer Instructing and Class Listening. No, Bryan took each of us aside, individually and set us out on a series of exercises. A routine that was created for me, at my level (reminder: I'm weak) that only I did. The other adults in my group also got instructions on exercises selected for them to perform. It really was customized moves. And actually, for the whole hour, none of us in my small group did the same thing. That was surprising to me. How was my trainer keeping track of what I was doing and my progress? Hopefully, I can provide you with answers to those questions in another update.

Anyhow, Bryan checked in with me every few minutes and more than once (read: often) he would correct my position or posture to ensure that I was doing the moves right. At one point I remember thinking "wow, these trainers could write a book on 'perfecting your workout'" because there seems to be a lot of tiny adjustments they instructed me to make. They told me these tiny changes were necessary. They didn't want me to do the moves wrong. Made sense.

I had two women in my group. I learned that they have each been members over a year. I also noticed that they were using heavier weights than me and holding their planks in a manner, let's just say, steadier than mine. It was impressive.

By 50 minutes or so, my legs were shaky, not terribly so, but still shaky. My neck actually felt looser and not as tight as it was going into the hour. I felt good. But hungry. I forgot to try the protein shake that another trainer recommended to me. Instead, I drank a coffee.

Next time, I'll work in that protein.

The day after my first two sessions, I felt sore. Both legs. Both arms. And in my abdomen, big time. That soreness lasted for 2 1/2 days. They told me to expect it. Boy, they weren't kidding. But by the end of the week, I felt back to normal, and, oh, walking up stairs 20 times a day already felt a bit easier.

And I guess, I slept really, really good.


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