Create your relaxation space

August 9, 2013

It’s very easy to get into the mindset to relax when we are away on vacation. When we’re away from the office, our homes, our cars and our stuffy scheduled environments we can allow ourselves to drift into a holiday state of mind.

But when we’re not in Margaritaville, the other 356 days out of the year how can we let ourselves relax? How if we’re not on vacation can we let go and get away from the hustle bustle of our ordinary lives?


Who says we can’t have a “vacation atmosphere” in our everyday lives? In order to have the intent to relax you need to create a space to allow it. You can make a vacation space in your home, office , or car that mimics the environment that allows your body and mind to relax.

What helps our brain chill out and shift into relaxation state? Think of your 5 senses. What sights, sounds, smells, flavors and physical feelings help you to relax? What do you associate with vacation and relaxing?

Here are a few ideas that you might like to try:

Create a relaxation Sanctuary in your house: Dedicate your bedroom or spare room to relaxation ONLY. Dress the room up with lots of pillows, fresh flowers or candles. Hang pictures or murals of the beach or beautiful landscapes. Vow to only do relaxing things in this room.

Turn your bathroom into a spa: Take a bath or shower with candles and aroma therapy oils. Turn on relaxing music.

Create a Holiday atmosphere in your car: Keep your car clean and install some vacation-try smelling air fresheners – coconut maybe? Make a few playlists with Bob Marley or spa music. Bring a cup of tea or relaxing drink with you on your commute.

Use your backyard as a nature escape: Put in some exotic looking plants and invest in a hammock or swing. Walk around barefoot in the grass and use this space to nap, meditate, or stretch.

Find a yoga studio or Café: Sometimes getting away from your normal environment in necessary in order to allow for relaxation. Find a local place that brings feelings of calmness. Whether it be a coffee joint or a yoga studio; make it your “relaxation” place away from home.

Use these spaces to escape to on a normal day of the week. This way when you’re in need of 5 minutes peace or you’re finding it hard to relax you can escape to your space and find it easier to unwind from stress.


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