Our Standard to Keep You and Our Team Safe

Our Enhanced Cleaning 


We will have the facility deep cleaned several times per week from our professional cleaning service, Service Master Cleaning. We have full confidence the Service Master Cleaning team will get the job done!

Disinfecting Surfaces & Common Areas.

Service Master Cleaning will clean everything in the gym with a disinfectant proven to kill viruses like COVID-19. Every surface, doorknob, band, med ball, handle… will be sanitized – Everything. Even if it was not in use.

What the GFP Team Will Be Doing.

We will be stocking the gym with wipes, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies all throughout the facility. Thoroughly wiping down every piece of equipment you use after your workouts is essential to help this effort. 

There are a total of 6 stations for disinfectant wipes and 10 hand sanitizer stations throughout the gym…please use generously.

What the GFP Team Will Be Doing.

You will be asked to wipe down every piece of equipment use after your workout. It is essential to help in this effort. The gym will be stocked with wipes, hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies readily available throughout the gym. There are several disinfecting wipe stations and many hand sanitizers stations throughout the gym for you to use generously.

**It may be required for our members to wear a mask and/or, gloves. If so, please bring your own to the session

The Staff Health Check.

All GFP Team members will be verbally asked daily the Covid questions. Their temperatures will be checked and they will be masked and gloved during your sessions.


Social Distancing 

Your Gym

The gym will be divided into 3 main areas. Two areas in the main gym and the third area is the turf.

**Please note: To reduce every possible risk we will not be having our large group
program, Fat Blast, when we return but will continue with the live stream workouts you can do at home.

Your Personal Space

The gym will be divided into 3 main areas. Two areas in the main gym and the third area is the turf.

**Please note: To reduce every possible risk we will not be having our large group program, Fat Blast, 
when we return but will continue with the live stream workouts you can do at home.

Your Equipment

You will not share equipment with anyone during the workout. You’ll gather your
equipment at the start of your session and that’s what you’ll use the duration of
your session. It’s very important that when you put any piece of equipment back
to its storage space that it’s sanitized and wiped vigorously.

We will temporarily NOT be using the following equipment in the initial phases:
Sleds, foam rollers, cable machines, cardio machines, mats and benches. 

The Coaching Alley

We have created a Coaching Alley. The coach will be in the Coaching Alley at a
safe distance of least 8 feet away from all members.

1-1 Personal Training

We will now be offering 1-1 personal training sessions for people that feel more
comfortable in this situation. Please email train@wordpress-532884-2323631.cloudwaysapps.com with 1-1 in
the subject for details.

Safety Protocols for You & the GFP Team

If you have any questions, call us! 908-464-4441

Before Your Scheduled Session

Please wait in your car until the garage door opens, that will signal its ok to come into the gym. Always enter through the garage

Your Health Check.

Upon entering facility, we will take your temperature and provide hand sanitizer.
Any one with temperature above 100 will not be allowed to train.

Late Arrivals

Once the garage door closes. We won’t be able to let members in.


Please bring your own towel as we will temporarily not be supplying towels.

Shower Facilities.

Shower facilities will remain closed in the beginning stages.

Personal Items.

Do not bring anything into the gym to reduce any gathering in one area.


All sessions should be scheduled on line or via phone. We will not be staffing the front desk to avoid any gathering.


You will vigorously wipe down anything used when finished. There is an ample supply of disinfectant wipes.


You should bring your own mat if you wish to do any exercise that would require lying down on the floor.

Member Responsibility

We have taken a lot of time and energy to put these changes in place. We
are confident our new protocols will be effective if we all ensure we do our
part – which we are fully confident in our GFP Family!
We ask that all members come to GFP with the approach of one of our core
values; BE A PRO. Please go above and beyond for the next group to come
in. We will do our part to do so, and we ask that you do too.
Please practice social distancing, please limit person-to-person contact.
We love to give high fives, but due to the guidelines of the government that
are in place, we ask that at this time, we do not make contact. We will
encourage each other from a safe distance!
If you feel unwell, have a cough, fever, or symptoms of COVID-19, please
stay home & we will happily reschedule your session. We ask you do not
come to the gym until your symptom-free and fever-free for three days.
If you have tested positive for COVID-19, or have knowingly come into
close contact with someone who has, we ask that you do not come to the
gym for 14 days or until you’ve tested negative for COVID-19.
Though this may seem like a lot at the first glance, but once you get
back to the gym and feel our famous GFP energy… you will be “right
at home”. We are confident that together we will keep GFP the place
we love & feel safe!

GFP is Continuously Monitoring the Situation

We are taking every precaution we can to keep our team and community
safe...and we highly recommend you do the same. We are keeping up to
date with the guidelines laid out by the government. We are fully aware
that there may be a second wave of Covid-19, and we are fully prepared.
If there is a reported case of COVID-19 at GFP and you may have been in
contact with that individual
, you will be notified IMMEDIATELY. We’ll take
the appropriate safety precautions to disinfect the entire facility.
We are prepared and ready to respond as the situation evolves.
We keep
your safety and health in our best interest.
We are so happy you are with us and whether you will be coming in for
your workouts or staying at home – know we are here for you!
If you want
to talk more in depth or have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to
contact us – train@wordpress-532884-2323631.cloudwaysapps.com


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