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"Continous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential." - Winston Churchill

The High School Spring Training results are in!

The coaches at GFP are extremely proud of every one of our athletes for working hard all spring.  The spring block broke both records in enrollment and results.

A few highlights include an average 1.5 inch increase in vertical jump and an average 4 inch increase in broad jumps, meaning our athletes came out of the training block more explosive and powerful.

One of the biggest improvements we saw was how fast and agile our athletes got, with an average two-tenths of a second shaved off the GFP 40 yd test.  Strength numbers also shot through the roof - our athletes added an average of 4 chin-ups to their previous totals.

While all of the results were stellar, I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight one athlete in particular whose results blew the averages out of the water.

RJ Greeley was by far the most improved athlete this block. Just compare his numbers to the average results:

Vertical jump: +4 inches

Broad Jump: +13 inches

GFP 40: -.2 seconds

Chin Ups: +9

You may be wondering why RJ's results were so far above the average.

The simple answer is RJ gave continuous, consistent effort.  The first step in RJ's continuous effort was attendance - RJ never missed a session the entire 16 week block. If something came up where RJ couldn't make his scheduled session, he always came in for a make up the next day.

Sometimes we would see RJ at 6:45 in the morning so he could make up his session before school. Any of you with high schoolers at home know how rare this is.  RJ knew the importance of sticking to the program and made every necessary attempt to make up any missed workout

The second aspect is RJ's commitment to make continuous effort in making small improvements daily in the workout.  He was never concerned with the end result 16 weeks away. He knew as long as he added 2 lbs here and jumped a quarter inch further there, the small successes would add up in the end.

Most high school football players are concerned with throwing on as much weight as possible every single set and are surprised when they can't go up in weight. Not RJ; he stuck to the numbers given to him and looked for small improvements daily.

This leads me to the final reason for RJ's success. In order to give continuous effort, you must have a Growth Mindset because there will always be obstacles on your road to success. In fact, when we tested the bench press mid-block RJ missed his goal weight, and missed it by a long shot.

This failure could have defined his results; he could have given up and said the effort wasn't worth it - that's as strong as he could get.  This would have led to lackluster effort for the remaining 8 weeks.  But RJ doesn't have a Fixed Mindset - he has a Growth Mindset.

RJ looked at this not as a failure but an opportunity to improve. He took his new max recalculated his percentages and went back to adding weight every week.  The end result: RJ blasted his goal weight and added 10 lbs on top of it.

Continuous effort will define your results as an athlete, student, or parent.  If you show up when you are supposed to, strive to make daily improvement, and look at failure not as a disappointment but instead as a challenge, we will all be able to reach our full potential.

You don't have to start out as the strongest, smartest, most successful person - you only have to strive to be your best. When we tested at the beginning of the spring, RJ's numbers put him in the bottom 10% of the guys.

At the end, RJ landed in the top 5%, and even led some categories.  RJ took the initiative to make training a priority in his life, to improve daily, and he did not let his initial testing results define what kind of athlete he is.

Great job RJ and all other athletes from the spring block!

I have a very close friend who is also a GFP regular. We met about 5 years ago after Vanessa and I had just moved back to NJ. While I was starting GFP, I trained at a small local gym, and I always happened to run into this really strong guy named John.

John and I quickly became good friends through our love for lifting weights.  I was always amazed at this small man lifting such enormous amounts of weight. It was very impressive.

John is much stronger now then he was 5 years ago - it seems that every year he just keeps getting stronger.

To be clear, John competes in the sport of Powerlifting. This sport requires you to lift as much weight as possible for one repetition in the Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. You are broken up into weight classes and John is in the 165 pound division.

John is ranked 13 overall in the country (USA Powerlifting) in his weight class and holds several nation wide records.

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I have learned many lessons from John over the last 5 years, and I wanted to share a few with you.


I have never seen John lose his cool, ever! I am sure there have been times where he has, but I have spent many hours with this guy in some very stressful situations and his patience never fails to amaze me.

One of the reasons why people fail to be strong is that they do not have patience to wait until the next week to add a little more weight to the bar. John very patiently lifts a specific weight each week and then simply adds a little more the next. Patience helps him to keep getting stronger.

He does not use any tricks like complicated rep schemes or bands and chains, he just adds a little more weight the next week. This patience to not rush the process of getting strong simply works.

My takeaway: In life we want things now. We are living in a world where you can have almost anything you want at the touch of a button. Good health, strength, fat loss, and success in business does not work this way.

Patience is a quality we need to have to get things accomplished the right way. How many diets do you see that promise 6 pounds in 2 weeks? What about after?

Adopt patience and success may come more slowly, but you are building a foundation to be successful for the long term - not the short term.


I have never met a person that is able to channel energy to one task as well as John. When he squats, there is nothing else in the world that matters. It is John, the bar, a whole bunch of wheels and nothing else.

John is a carpenter and works all day lifting, painting, hammering and building - he has a very physical work day. I am sure there are days where he is exhausted and does not want to pile 500 pounds on his back and squat. That never happens. John has never said “I am a little tired today, I think I will just wait until tomorrow.” If it’s Monday night at 7 PM, he is squatting.

He defines the rule “If you want something done tomorrow, start today.”

There is never anything that gets in his way. Instead he is able to use stressful things in his life and channel them positively into what he is doing.

My takeaway: Too many times in our lives we let our minds affect our performance. This one is close to me as I can remember in my college football days having some very tough times and instead of using them as fuel I would let them hinder my performance.

I have learned from John to have militant focus on what I am doing and to use anything in my life that would affect it negatively as a positive.  This is a very difficult task and one that I have still not mastered, but it is through his examples I push forward.

Attention to Perfect Detail

With John, everything must be perfect down to the last pound. When John lifts, the bar is always set up perfectly, his form never breaks even when he is pulling a max lift, and his work as a carpenter is just as good.

The indestructible step-up box

John built us a box that many of you use for step-ups and squats. The wooden box is about 4 years old and is the strongest piece of equipment we use at the gym. This includes everything we have ever bought from a professional equipment manufacturer. It is just an example that whatever he does is done with the utmost attention to detail and perfection. The only thing that will break this box is a sledgehammer or a bonfire.

My takeaway: Strive for perfection in what you do. There is too much sloppy work out there and the world needs more attention to perfect detail. If you are going to eat well, do it perfectly (90% of course). If you sign up to train 2x per week, make it your mission to never miss a session. If you are going to coach a youth sport take it seriously and provide the best experience possible for the kids.

His accomplishments are extraordinary, and I have learned many lessons from his patience, mindset and attention to perfect detail.

I have hired John for many jobs in the facility and his work always exceeds my expectations, every time.

If you would like to see some of Johns work on bathrooms and kitchens visit his Facebook page or call him at 908-229-5345.

I can promise you if you hire John once, you will never look for another carpenter again. Tell him that Vince sent you, and he will make sure you get priority as his schedule is packed.

3 months ago Jim Cramer from Mad Money came through our door with low back pain that would not quit. He just figured it was normal and that it would be part of  him for the rest of his life. At one point he referred to his pain as his friend that is always there.

After putting him through the Functional Movement Screen and several other stability and mobility tests we were able to find out the root cause of his issue. We put together a 20 minute routine for him to do daily and he wakes up every morning at 3:30am and NEVER misses a day.

I do not know anyone busier than Jim Cramer right now and he still finds the time to take care of his body.

This is consistency! This is dedication!

Here is Cramers Routine

Soft Tissue Work

Corrective Work

Breathing Patterns


Here is his video testimonial

[youtube_sc url=]


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