I am wrapping up Day 1 of our family vacation at the Jersey Shore.

Vanessa and I just put the kids to bed and are about to chill out and watch a movie.

We take one week of vacation a year at this point in our lives.

The hardest part for me is shutting it all down.

(I guess since I am writing this on day 1 of vacation I have not technically shut it down yet!)

Since I run two businesses, it’s tough to turn the business brain off but my family deserves it.

My brain and body need it too.

I was at a seminar last week and one of the presenters talked about living in the present moment, that the only thing that matters is what in front of us at that time.

Not the past and not the future, the present moment.

I will admit this is hard for me, its something I am working on.

I think its something a lot of us need to work on.

“Live in the moment”

Seth Godin told me the key to success is this:

1.     Show up
2.     Be focused

This includes down time!

When you’re taking time off this summer, make sure you are actually taking time off and recharging your battery.

You deserve it!