In this episode of GFP Live with Cathy and Tom, learn how to create your own meal plan!

Follow the steps Tom reviews and you will see how easy it is to stay accountable.

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Staying on track is one of the hardest things anyone can do. Cathy and Tom will be going over some tips and tricks on how to do just that on this episode of GFP Live

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Hungry? Late at night? Middle of the day? Listen to Cathy and Tom break down the best options for you!

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The actual judgement free zone! Learn how Cathy overcame adversity, lost a 86 pounds, and kept it off! But most of all, learn how you can do the same!

We answer the question, what diet works best for you? The answer is, no one person is the same, no one should expect the same results. But, making an effort to change your lifestyle and having guidance along the way works!

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How this mother lost 33 pounds and 3 clothes sizes…while becoming a role model to her son:

My Gabriele Fitness story goes back to August of 2012. Since then my life has transformed and transitioned in ways that in July of 2012 seemed more like a pipe dream than an opportunity for reality.

I remember signing up for the 6am Fat Blast camp. I'd seen the advertisements for Gabriele, but truth be told, I waffled between a commercial gym and a private one. On the day I signed up, the desk assistant's last words to me were, "Oh that 6am class has been together forever..." And I thought I'd pretty much set myself up to be the big outcast or at least for utter humiliation.

I don't usually fear unknown situations, but I have to admit-I was feeling a bit of anxiety. Given that my personal life was in a bit of turmoil, I was still trying to lose the extra 25 pounds of baby weight-4 years later, and well, I hadn't been in the gym in was a long time.

The first day, my fears were put at ease when I realized everyone was so welcoming. Actually I was more intimated by the 6'10 coach (guess who), and what in God's name I would feel like at 7AM. All it took was that first class, that first step into the unknown to change my way of thinking, and my life. I mean that without the fanfare or dramatics.

In 6 months, I went from someone who was overweight, stressed, low energy, and all around a pretty tumultuous time in my life and by no means a good example to our losing 33 pounds, 3 clothing sizes, and most importantly the confidence to change my personal circumstances for the better. But it really meant finding a strength I struggled to find for years. My son is now seeing his mom at a place of peace and happiness that he reaps the benefits from! Just this past weekend, I completed the Warrior Dash. It simply would never have even been on my radar a year and a half ago.

The strength, courage, and overall confidence I have earned by working with the team at Gabriele, ALL of the Fat Blasters, not just the awesome 6am group, and the friends that I have made in the last year there (Suzanne!) are all simply a testament to the culture Vince and his team have developed. Yes, I probably complain at every turn...but I do so with a smile! And I feel amazing when I'm sweating and praying at the end of class.

So, to Chris who signed me up, Bernard, Tom, Joe, Michelle, and most of all Vince...Thank you. Thank you for the gift of my confidence to take on (most) tasks, the friendships I've made, and most of all the perspective I have now. It all started with that first day...bright and early at 6am!

Rock on!

-Erin B, Fat Blast




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