You should probably just give up

I think it is finally time that we give up on trying to Eat Clean all the time.

I’m serious –  I’m tired of people being frustrated, and I’m sure you’re tired of trying to eat perfect all the time, so just stop.

It’s a waste of everyone’s time and effort.

Do you feel a little better? I do.

Now that we don’t have that pressure of trying to be perfect every day for the rest of our lives, it’s like a weight has been lifted.

So what’s the plan of attack now? Should we just hit every drive-thru we can find and see how much food we can put down?

That doesn’t sound like a very effective plan either… actually, it sounds almost as crazy as trying to be perfect ALL THE TIME.

The more I talk to people and try to help with their nutrition, the more I hear frustration about “not being perfect”, which usually leads to them giving up.

Have you fallen into this trap? Have you ever completely cleaned up your diet for a few days, then had one bad meal or a crazy night out and said, “I RUINED IT! ITS ALL OVER!” and then went back to your old habits?

Most people smile and nod their head when I ask them that, because we have all been there.

So let’s stop that cycle.


The people I’ve worked with who have seen the most profound and long lasting results were nowhere near perfect – but they also were nowhere near giving up and starting over at any point either.

Why do people think it has to be all or nothing when it comes to nutrition?

Where else in your life do you have to be perfect, 100% of the time in order to get results?

In order to feel better and look better and get healthier, being perfect its NOT REQUIRED. 

What is required is CHANGE, or even better, PROGRESS.

Take a look at what you’re eating now on a daily basis. Take a look at your nutrition and lifestyle habits.

How can you IMPROVE on just one of them tomorrow? How can you make some PROGRESS (without seeking perfection)?

The bottom line is this:

You are never going to be perfect when it comes to food, it’s very difficult to do and honestly, it’s really kind of boring. So stop thinking you need to 100% diligent with every morsel you take in and focus on making PROGRESS every day.

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