What is it going to take for you to turn it around?

From 1998-2001, I played football at Temple University.

We were not very good.

Here’s our record from when I was there:


  • 1998: 2-9
  • 1999: 2-9
  • 2000: 4-7
  • 2001: 4-7

That’s 12 wins in 4 seasons.

The summer before our 2000 season, they tried to drop the program and kick us out of the Big East Conference.

We had just finished summer training and had worked our tails off. We were in great shape and ready the change the trajectory of Temple Football.

They brought us all into a big conference room and said that the University would be dropping the program and we would not be playing football next season.

We were devastated!

The program appealed and they gave us an extension, and our season was back on.

But it was still a shot to the gut; we were working so hard and so were our coaches.

That was the type of turmoil Temple Football faced during the late 90’s and 2000’s.

And after I left in 2001, it got even worse.

Fast forward to today…

On Saturday night, I watched the 7-0 Temple Owls play the 9th ranked team in the country, Notre Dame.

It was the the College Football Game of the Week – the entire country would be watching Temple Football.

The Owls were undefeated entering the game and played head to head with one of the best teams in the country.

They did not pull out a victory, losing in the last minute of the game.

But they earned the respect from the entire college football world, something they never had before.

I was a very proud Temple Owl on Saturday.

Right now you may be the the Temple Owls of the 90’s:

  • You’re losing.
  • Nothing is going right.
  • You may want to quit.
  • People are out to get you.
  • Love and respect is not something you are getting.

What will it take for you to turn it around and be the Temple Owls of today?

It will only take one thing:


Know that fear is real and we all have it.

The measure of who we are is what we do in the face of fear.

Believe you will turn things around by standing up and facing your fear.

Believe you don’t have to do it alone, there are people out there waiting to help.

Believe that whatever struggles you have now, better days are on the horizon.

I will leave you with a quote:

“Fear is wetting your pants. Courage is doing it anyway with wet pants.”

Thank you for reading this.

Please share this with someone that needs this today!

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