What do you want?

What do you want?

There are two types of people:

People who want and people who need

For those that want, there is no ceiling for success.

For people that need, there is a stopping point for success.

People who want are driven from within themselves.

People who need are driven from external sources.

People who want value freedom.

People who need value security.

People who want are creative

People who need are reactive

You want things because you want them – and there is no reason why you want them, there is no justification; you just want it.

The problem with needing is you think of every possible obstacle in place that justifies why you can’t have or do something.

Here is the action step that is guaranteed to

put you on the path to being a wanter:

Write down what you want every day. No justifications – if you want it, put it down.

Commit to this daily.

Go and purchase a separate notebook and write in it daily

Here is a sample of a few of mine:

  • I want to write a great article this morning
  • I want to be more focused when I am with my kids
  • I want to be pain free
  • I want to get a massage every week
  • I want to buy a shore house
  • I want to read faster
  • I want Bella to put on her own seatbelt

So we all probably want a ton of things, writing them down every day will make them clearer.

But here is the big question you need to answer:

If you want all this,

who do you need to become to get it?

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