The third and final ‘ladies’ installment

By now, you’ve seen the research.

Women are just as capable as men when it comes to losing fat.

Going through menopause doesn’t guarantee a life of ‘overweightness’.

Yes, your hormones change, you change the way you store fat, and your energy expenditure goes down.

But you can still lose weight and be healthy!

Now the reason I did this series in the first place is to hopefully empower you.

I want you to thrive in your life.  I want you to have the body you want, I want you to have unbelievable energy, and I want you to feel good.

Here’s the thing though: If you let aging control you, and your changes control you, you will be miserable and unhealthy.

Here’s a list of things (from the American College of Sports Medicine) that happen to women as they age – if they don’t take control:

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If you do resistance training and cardio training regularly for the rest of your life the benefits are huge:
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So what does this tell us?

Keep training, keep eating well, and believe that you can be successful – and you are sure to live vitally!

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