The GFP Pyramid


The GFP Pyramid was created to be a constant reminder of a structure that was designed to help you become more successful in sports and in your life. You will be seeing this pyramid on our walls, on our shirts, in our emails, etc. It will be everywhere – and with this constant reinforcement you will be in a better position to live your life by this pyramid.

The Pyramid is built upon the foundation of the Growth Mindset. This mindset tells us that all of our abilities are fluid – that only by effort and practice can we achieve our potential, and that we are not limited by our born abilities.

The second layer of the pyramid is Eating Clean. Without a foundation of clean eating no training or recovery in the world will get you where you want to go. We make Eating Clean a simple & easy process at GFP to make sure every single client has the chance to experience transformational health.

The third layer of the pyramid is Train Smart. Smart is the pivotal word here–as throwing weights over your head or jumping on boxes for time may make you tired, but may NOT necessarily make you better. It’s vital to make sure we’re doing things safely and effectively for YOUR body and YOUR goals, and that’s why Train SMART… and not just train or train hard… makes the cut on our pyramid.

Finally, the peak of the pyramid is Recover… All the training in the world won’t make you better if you can’t recover from it–it’s why we make stress management & sleep such a huge part of our program here at GFP. It’s also why we’ve emphasized bringing other professionals (cryotherapy, stretch therapy, massage) into our facility to help you be your best day in and day out.