Stop Being Productive!

I know you. You’re always busy, doing everything in your power to be the best you can be at everything. You want to be awesome. You want to be good at parenting, be on top of your career, balance responsibilities, get smarter, be more efficient, and on top of that you have to stay in the best shape and look good doing it.

All of that sounds amazing, but really exhausting!

These days we are constantly trying to find ways to become MORE productive and more efficient. We fill our calendar with business. We have an obsession with productivity. So much so, that we actually don’t know HOW to relax when its time. This obsession with constantly getting things done is unhealthy. Not only does it exhaust us but, it places unnecessary stress on our bodies and minds.

There is a time to be busy and get things done, there is a time to exercise and check your inbox and work. BUT we need to understand that we wont be able to do these things well and be all that we can be if we are constantly putting our nose to grind stone.


There is an art to actually getting LESS done. It’s a balance of working and focusing, and then letting your hair down and resting.

In those moments where you feel that you can’t be productive, don’t push through it – SIT BACK AND ENJOY IT!

Recognize that your body is telling you to slow down. It’s saying let go of that determination to focus so that you can recharge.

Action Steps: 

  • Put your TO DO list away.
  • Clear an hour from your schedule.
  • Set a timer for 60mins.
  • Put your phone and your inbox on silent mode.
  • Go outside, walk, sit, look at a magazine, listen to music, sleep, or play.
  • Do what your body needs.
  • Just do it.

YOU CAN BE AWESOME. You can be a boss in your career and a stellar mom or dad; you can be a remarkable husband or wife. But you can only be these things if you stop trying to be 100% productive all the time and take 5 to rest and restore.  When you relax and enjoy life, you’ll be happier. When we’re happier, work and getting things done is a lot more exciting.

Learn that life isn’t about being productive. It’s about enjoyment.

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