Please welcome Joseph Peter Gabriele to the GFP Family!

On October 7th, Vanessa and I had our 3rd child, a baby boy.

Vanessa and I are truly grateful to have had 3 healthy children – it’s more than we could ever ask for.

I honestly never imagined I would have a son.vandv 

Statistics were not on my side, as there was only a 20% chance our third kid would be a boy.

I would go into Toys-r-Us with my 2 girls and slowly walk by the trucks, action figures and sports gear, wondering if I would ever walk those aisles with a son.

Well, that time has come.

I escaped the madness to write this, but am having trouble turning this into a lesson for you.

I am honestly just so happy and grateful.

So I want to dedicate this email to the GFP team.

I want to do this because I knew I need to step away and take some time with my family.

vinceandjoeThe team stepped up big time and continues to deliver you the highest quality training and customer service, whether I am there or not.

Tom Langton who has been with me since the start of GFP is truly the heart and soul of the gym.

Joe Hartigan still amazes me how much he studies and learns and now is in a leadership role, making everyone around him better.

Bernard McKenna is always there and is as dependable as ever.

Matt Carbone is one of the brightest and most diligent trainers I have been around, he continues to grow everyday.

Gina Voorhees is the glue to GFP.

Ellen Haley makes sure your day is brighter.

New Mommy Michelle McCabe is back and better than ever.

Chris DeGeorge continues to change lives everyday from his middle school training post.

And our newest team member Karen Vitti fits like a glove.

Vanessa and I could not be more blessed to have such an amazing team at GFP.

Each of us continues to grow everyday in pursuit of providing you the best fitness and health experience possible.

We are grateful to you for giving us the platform to do something we love.

Mindset Monday will be back and better than ever next week, stay tuned!

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