Men, it’s not too late!

Men…It’s not too late!

I got a ton of feedback from the last MANopause article. Many were surprised to learn that men and women go through similar physiological changes as they age.

This week, I’ll talk about what you men, or women reading for their husbands, can do to slow or even prevent the decline in quality of life.

Just like women, men can get hormone replacement therapy.  This is usually the last-case scenario and once you get started there is usually no turning back.  If you start to introduce synthetic T into your system your body will likely compensate and shut down it’s own natural production.

Our goal is to naturally prevent the MANopausal decline: 

1. Lift weights.  As we age, resistance training becomes more important.  We must lift heavy loads at least 2-3x a week, as it has shown to improve muscle mass, improve bone health, and improve body composition.  And we can’t forget about testosterone – lifting heavy weights increases Testosterone immediately after your workouts!

2. High intensity intervals.  Cardio is a great for heart and brain health as we age – but the high-intensity version will also help boost your testosterone levels much more than jogging or biking. Guys who lift weights AND do HIIT tend to have higher T levels.

3. Eat Clean.  We all know eating healthy foods is the biggest factor when it comes to having a healthy body composition. Leaner men tend to have higher testosterone levels.  It has also been shown that eating high protein diets leads to higher T. Eat balanced meals putting emphasis on lean proteins, fruits, veggies, and healthy fats.

If you’re interested in thriving as you grow older, take action on these things NOW!

Testosterone has been shown to start dropping by 1% a year by age 19.

Everyone of you deserves to thrive, not just survive.

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 Coach Joe Hartigan

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