I have let you down.

I am sorry.

Today, I do not have a Mindset Monday.

I have done a Mindset Monday 115 weeks in a row.

Today I don’t have a message .

Today I decided I was going to stop being consistent.

I have used consistency as one of the more important factors in my life that has helped me be successful.

But today is a different story, I just decided to stop.

I made a choice. It was my choice, no one else’s.

I am sorry if I have let you down.

I think I need to go back to the drawing board and see what I can do to become more consistent.

Maybe I need to manage my time better.

Maybe I should meditate every day.

Maybe if I got more sleep and my energy level improved I would be more consistent.

I think if I was able to get a few more workouts in a week I would be able to improve my consistency in all areas of my life.

I need to apologize to all of you for letting you down.

I realize that many of you look forward to the Mindset Monday article and you are probably very disappointed in me.

Every week I get emails thanking me for writing the Mindset Monday messages.

Now I am going to get emails like, “Hey Vince? What about the Mindset Monday this week???”

I am sorry my lack of consistency has let you down.

I am going to make being more consistent a priority and I will get back on track next week, I promise.

Maybe if I can get some motivation from all of you, that would help.

Maybe comment below and give me a little motivation to be more consistent.

I could use your help.

Thank you.

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Darren DeMarco says 3 years ago

Sometimes we need a break from being consistent. Being perfectly consistent is what we strive for in order to keep moving forward, but if we ever succeeded in achieving perfection (can robots even do that?), what would we do next? What would become of our humanity? How self righteous would we become?

When providing the type of service you do for people, I think it’s important for them to recognize that even you are human.

Enjoy the break,


    Darren DeMarco says 3 years ago

    As luck would have it, I just found a great quote about this:

    When a thing becomes perfect, it soon fades. ~Moroccan Proverb

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