Are you inventing your own suffering?

The other day I was overwhelmed.

teen depression, tunnelThere seemed like there was an issue in almost every part of my life.

It seemed like everything was crashing down.

I was very anxious, frustrated and nervous.

I then wrote down the 7 things that were bothering me.

I mediated.

I stared at them for a while.

I realized they all could be resolved quite easily.

A call, text, change in strategy, a better system, a conversation or a handwritten note was all it took.

I realized everything was going to be fine.

Tony Robbins says “See things as they are but don’t see them worse than they are. “

Seth Godin says “The first form of suffering is the anxiety of experiencing failure in advance. The tortured twisting and self-recrimination, judging our selves for things we have not done yet.”

Don’t invent your own suffering.


Because the majority of the things we get anxious about will be old news very soon.

If we let them get to us for too long they impair a very important thing.

They push us away from contribution to others.

When we are too wrapped up in our own inner anxiety we do less for others.

How do you want to be remembered?

A great worrier?

Or a great contributor?

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