I’m sorry – I forgot about the Hormones!

I need to apologize.

Last week, I sent out an article explaining how women and men lose fat at the same rate.

And I received a lot of heat for it. The backlash I experienced was, at times, uncomfortable.

I am sorry: I’m not a woman, and I have not gone through “my changes”.

Here’s the facts:

Women go through a huge hormonal shift in middle age. And menopause does have a direct correlation to weight gain.

Go through the shift, gain weight.

At least, that’s how the overwhelming amount of middle aged women experience menopause.

But, does it have to be this way? Is menopause a definitive sentence to weight gain?

The answer is… NO! It doesn’t have to be with this way!

Yes, menopause is associated with increased central adiposity (belly fat).

But this doesn’t mean you are going to gain more weight around your midsection. It simply means your body changes where it stores fat.

Going through these changes can also potentially increase visceral fat – which increases your chances for cardiovascular disease.

And it’s also true that you will burn less calories than before.

But in all the research I’ve done, I’ve never seen a study that states that menopause is THE cause of weight gain in middle age.

Here’s what the studies have shown:

  • Weight gain occurs similarly during aging, regardless of pre, peri, and post menopausal status.

  • Activity level significantly decreases over the middle aged years.

  • Energy balance (caloric intake vs caloric output) significantly increases over the middle aged years

  • Food choices significantly change over these years, specifically drop in protein and fiber and increase in carbs and cholesterol.

  • Decrease in energy expenditure both at rest and during sleep.

So, does this mean that menopause is causing these changes? Absolutely not.

Now I understand that it might be harder to exercise at certain times, or to fight off the cravings but it has been proven that Menopause is not a sentence to gaining weight, and with certain strategies you can lose weight in this time.

Here’s the best way to avoid weight gain:

Mindset – know that your “changes” do not guarantee weight gain. It may be a challenge, and you may have to eat less and exercise more, but it is a challenge, not a guarantee.

Eat Clean – Focus on lean proteins, veggies, and healthy fats at every meal, with an occasional starch/carb.

Train Smart – Resistance training will keep your metabolism and resting energy expenditures up.  Add high intensity interval training (like Fat Blast at GFP) will boost your fat burning metabolism for up to 48 hours.

Recover – Foam roll, stretch, breath, fuel your body right, and sleep well.

If you want help turning these into habits, we can help!

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