How to get to bed earlier

It’s hard getting to bed early.

I know that now more than ever – with a baby, every second after she falls asleep is ME time.. time to get things done, spend with my hubby or just relax and BREATHE!!

But, I still know I should be getting to bed earlier.

I know this because the hours before midnight are SO precious!  If you remember from last week, sleep before midnight is the most valuable. 

One of the best tips that I’ve discovered that’s helped me get to bed earlier is this:

Set an alarm 30 minutes BEFORE bedtime to

remind you to start getting ready. 


IT’S AMAZING! Setting an alarm before bed! Who would have thought?!


I have a Jawbone fitness tracker with a feature that allows you to set an alarm for bedtime.


So every night at 9:30pm it buzzes on my wrist and the app on my phone flashes a message, “It’s time to start getting ready for bed.”


My husband totally makes fun of me for this – he calls me grandma and asks “Who has an alarm for bedtime?!” 

But guess what? It works!


As soon as my alarm goes off it reminds me that I should get bed. It’s like having a coach (or your mom…) reminding you to do what’s best for you.


I like setting an alarm for 2 reasons: 


  1. It’s a true reminder to go to bed – sometimes we just lose track of time and need a reminder
  2. It tells us it’s time to start getting our bedtime routine going. If you don’t have one now, I recommend setting up a bedtime routine. It signals our bodies that it’s time to calm down and get ready to sleep.


If you have a fancy wrist band or fitness tracker to do this, that’s awesome, BUT You don’t need one!


Simply set an alarm on your smart phone or a real alarm clock (that thing that sits on your bedside table) to repeat every night at the same time.


The best alarm clocks are the kind that you have physically shut off because it forces you to stop what you are doing.


Give it a try! Be like me and grandma… set an alarm and GET TO BED!

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