How to burn more fat in every workout

Most people work out because they want to look and feel better.

The ‘looking better’ part is the product of 2 things: losing body fat and increasing muscle mass.

Pretty simple right?

Now, you already know that heavier resistance training and high-intensity interval training are the best workouts for getting great results. 

But what if there were certain techniques we could use within those workouts to get even better results?

Here’s one that will instantly increase the amount of fat you torch every workout:


That doesn’t mean go out of control or ignore technique.

That doesn’t mean take no rest between sets.

That doesn’t mean move fast on all parts of the lift.

It simply means that you want to move the same weight, for the same sets, for the same reps, and same rest, but really focus on moving the weights (or your body) faster on the lifting portion of the exercise you will burn way more fat (for example, the way back up on a squat).

If you remember your physics, you know that work = force x distance

So, when you lift faster, you lift with more force – meaning you’ll be doing more work in the same amount of time, with the same weights!

When you lift fast your body will burn more fat!

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