Fascial Stretch Therapy

What is it?

FST is a unique table-based assisted stretching technique that works to release tight connective tissue, muscles and ‘Fascia” through a series of movements.

What FST will do for you?

  • Increase flexibility
  • Reduce lower back, shoulder and Neck tightness
  • Improve speed, strength and agility
  • Minimize injuries during training and competition
  • Relieve stress
  • Live a more pain free and comfortable life!

FST is beneficial for everyone – fitness and athletes. 

Who we have trained in FST:

  • A NY Jets  Running back
  • All State High School Football Athletes
  • A Long Drive Champion
  • NYC Marathon Competitiors
  • Elite High School Track Athletes
  • Gymnastic Champions
  • Many adult fitness clients striving to look and feel better


FST is performed as assisted stretching on a massage table equipped with comfortable straps that stabilize your body.

While you relax on the table the therapist will cue your breathing and gradually ease you into a series of gentle, but deep stretching movements.

The experience is relaxing and pain-free. Unlike traditional stretching, FST integrates several planes of movement that follow the patterns of your fascia.

How to get started:

Before beginning any Fascial Stretch Therapy program, you will need to have an assessment and initial consultation.

For more info about FST:

Call our friendly staff at 908-464-4441 and we’ll get you all set up!