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Bella and the Car Seat

When our third child Joey was born, so many things changed. No joke, I must have heard this 100x in the last few months: “Now you’re going from man to man to zone defense.” Things came up I did not even think about! One of them was getting 3 car seats in Vanessa’s car. Our […]

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What is it going to take for you to turn it around?

From 1998-2001, I played football at Temple University. We were not very good. Here’s our record from when I was there:   1998: 2-9 1999: 2-9 2000: 4-7 2001: 4-7 That’s 12 wins in 4 seasons. The summer before our 2000 season, they tried to drop the program and kick us out of the Big […]

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What do you want?

What do you want? There are two types of people: People who want and people who need.  For those that want, there is no ceiling for success. For people that need, there is a stopping point for success. People who want are driven from within themselves. People who need are driven from external sources. People […]

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Please welcome Joseph Peter Gabriele to the GFP Family!

On October 7th, Vanessa and I had our 3rd child, a baby boy. Vanessa and I are truly grateful to have had 3 healthy children – it’s more than we could ever ask for. I honestly never imagined I would have a son.  Statistics were not on my side, as there was only a 20% […]

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