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Berkeley Heights Fat Loss Tips: How Much Protein Should You Eat?

How to use protein to drop fat, get leaner, and gain lean, toned muscle mass When I was in college I was the butt of many jokes… The one where I got beat up the most was my meat scale (seriously!) I would weigh out portions of meat to make sure I was eating enough… […]

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Your FEAR is not real!

Before every football game at Temple, I would get very nervous. Nervous to the point that I would be so tired in warm-ups I didn’t think I would have the energy to play in the game. I was experiencing FEAR. Fear is something that holds us back everyday from reaching our true potential. Fear is […]

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Use this 1 word to instantly refocus

Are you a complainer? Do you find an excuse to look at what’s wrong well before looking at what’s right or what you learned? Don’t worry… I tend to do that sometimes too. It’s almost like human nature to focus on the negative. But it’s destructive when you live there. Thinking about negative stuff leaves […]

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Action Cures Fear

During World War 2, the Navy had a challenge of getting every recruit to learn how to swim. They put the men that were afraid of the water in separate classes and developed a plan to conquer their fear. None of these men had swam before, so they were deadly afraid of the water. Here […]

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Are you inventing your own suffering?

The other day I was overwhelmed. There seemed like there was an issue in almost every part of my life. It seemed like everything was crashing down. I was very anxious, frustrated and nervous. I then wrote down the 7 things that were bothering me. I mediated. I stared at them for a while. I […]

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Looking for a quick way to get rid of anxiety?

We all suffer from stress or anxiety at some point – and if you’re a type A person like me, you know how hard it can be to unwind. The good news is there are things you can do! After practicing yoga for the last year, I’ve found there are certain poses that do the […]

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