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Try this drill for quicker acceleration and first-step quickness

In almost every sport, accelerating quickly is key to playing well. You can easily lose an opponent on offense or keep up with anyone on defense – plus, you’ll cut quicker and dodge better. One of the best ways to improve acceleration is to improve first-step quickness. Try this drill to build a better first step: […]

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Explosiveness for Athletes: The Jump Shrug

If your high school athlete is looking to jump higher and develop a quicker first step, the Jump Shrug is one of the best exercises they can do. It’s also an exercise that most athletes do wrong – unless they have proper supervision from a trained coach. The safest way for your son or daughter […]

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The Brand New Cure-All Drug

The Brand New Cure-All prescription! A new medicine has hit the market and claims to cure pretty much any form of disease and may even help you live longer. Extensive research has been done over the course of several decades supporting this medicine. Some of the reported benefits are: Decreased pain and disability in arthritis […]

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The Heart of an Olympian

Like many of you I have been watching the Olympics. I have been extremely impressed with the mental toughness and focus of many of our American heroes. I stayed up late and watched the female gymnasts win gold and also witnessed history when Michael Phelps became the most decorated Olympian ever. These are all incredible […]

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What I have learned from my daughter Isabella

There is no better example of the Growth Mindset than a developing baby. My daughter is 6 ½ months old, and has been on the verge of crawling for a few weeks now. Every day she gets down in her kneeling position and reaches out, moves her legs, reaches out farther – but still no […]

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Do Great Things Today!

This past Saturday I competed in the Warrior Challenge. It is a fundraiser for the Wounded Warriors held down the Jersey Shore. I am in a mastermind group with a bunch of other guys in the industry, and we decided to compete together. I was not super happy with my performance, but that was not […]

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