Can athletes “learn” how to get faster?

Every athlete wants to be faster. It doesn’t matter what sport, what position, or what level – being faster gives you an edge on everyone else.

Sadly, many athletes and coaches think that speed is something you’re born with – “I’ve always been slow, there’s nothing I can do about it” – and let this determine how successful they’ll be.

Just think of how many kids have been held back from their dreams by this lie…

The good news is, speed is a skill that any athlete can improve – and it doesn’t take as long as you might think.

Now, not everyone can become Usain Bolt and set world records overnight, but with the right training and preparation, you can get an extra step advantage on the field or court.

There are 3 steps to getting faster:

1. Strength – Athletes get faster when they get stronger, because they are able to get more drive with each step. The key is to develop real athletic strength – not bulky body-builder muscles

2. Technique – Speed is a skill, and like any other it has basic techniques athletes need to know before they take their game to the next level.

3. Practice – Practicing “speed” doesn’t mean running endless laps around a field (that can make you slower). The trick is to combine your new strength with the right running technique, in a variety of game-like situations. Practice to get it right – not to get tired.

The trick is to find the right way to combine them, without overdoing it and getting hurt or not doing enough and seeing no change.

Now, you could spend hours researching what to do and trying it on your own, but there’s an easier way.

We’ve built Summer Athlete Training Camp to help athletes – from elite performers to kids just getting started – learn what they need to work on and the exact steps they need to take.

To learn how you can help your athlete get faster in as little as one week, just click their age group below:

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But please, act fast. Camp starts June 23, and we have limited spots left open.

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