Berkeley Heights Fat Loss Tips: How Much Protein Should You Eat?

How to use protein to drop fat, get leaner, and gain lean, toned muscle mass

When I was in college I was the butt of many jokes…

The one where I got beat up the most was my meat scale (seriously!)

I would weigh out portions of meat to make sure I was eating enough…

My friends would walk in with McDonalds and start busting on me for weighing my meat 🙂 

Well, the jokes on them–they got fatter… and I got leaner!

But, here’s the thing, the reality is that I didn’t really need that meat scale after all 🙂 

If you want make things a lot easier on yourself, just look at your palm!  

If you take a look at the diameter and thickness of your palm it provides a nice guideline for a serving size of protein.

berkeley heights how much nutrition should you eat

The reason I love this because it’s so simple!  

The more I study and read about nutrition and weight loss the more I realize that all the success comes from 2 things:

Simplicity and Consistency

If you keep it simple and stay consistent you’ll win.

Now to take this a very small step further…

If you’re a man, looking to gain muscle and lose fat: eat 2 palms of protein at each meal.

Ladies looking to get lean and toned: eat 1 palm of protein at each meal.

I’m not gonna bore you with all the benefits of protein, just know that the best results we have gotten from our clients are from the ones that followed this simple structure.

Here is a short list of protein choices for you guys:

Chicken Breast

Chicken Thigh

Chicken Burger


Beef Burger

Turkey Burger

Turkey Breast

Bison Burger




Chicken or Turkey Sausage



So now you have your guideline for proper serving sizes and plenty of choices to help you get in your protein throughout the day. 

Follow this simple tip and you’ll get leaner, have more energy, and ramp up your metabolism in the short AND long term (booya!)

-Vince “Meat Scale” Gabriele

PS: what’s your favorite easy, simple to make source of protein?

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