Bella and the Car Seat

When our third child Joey was born, so many things changed.

No joke, I must have heard this 100x in the last few months:

“Now you’re going from man to man to zone defense.”

Things came up I did not even think about!

One of them was getting 3 car seats in Vanessa’s car.

Our car definitely had the capacity for 3 seats, but we had to put Bella’s in the 3rd row.

In an effort to not drive my hard working wife with 3 kids under 4 years old crazy, we needed to get Bella to be able to buckle herself in her car seat without help.

At first, it was not looking good.

Bella had a very tough time even holding the buckle, let alone buckling it.

I put her in and would sit there with her, sometimes for 30 minutes.

She would get frustrated and start to cry, very quickly.

I would get frustrated too.

I then realized I was going about this all wrong.

Every time Bella would try, she knew there was frustration and failure coming up.

I was giving her something to do that was not impossible, but definitely beyond her current development.

I remembered what was needed to learn a new skill.

Many times when you are learning something new, you need to practice it in small chunks first.

So that’s what we did.

I started putting the seatbelt half way in… and she would finish it.

Then only a 1/4 of the way in.

She started to love putting on her seatbelt because she was experiencing small wins.

In fact every time she got a buckle in she would yell “Bullseye!!”

After only a few days, she nailed it, all by herself.

I was not alone in this victory, both her grandmas, Coach Chris (Bella’s trainer) and Vanessa played a huge role.

The same can go for us:

Are you making things too hard?

Are you trying to do everything at once?

Set yourself up for success and commit to doing something easy.

If we try to do everything at once we are setting ourself up for failure.

Give yourself permission that the ONLY thing you need to do to achieve success is drink 1/2 your BW in water.

When you do this, you will give yourself the confidence to keep going.

Don’t commit to lose 30 pounds, commit to losing 1/2 a pound every week.

It’s more realistic – and it’s healthier.

Consistency wins every time!

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