Action Cures Fear

Time for action clockDuring World War 2, the Navy had a challenge of getting every recruit to learn how to swim.

They put the men that were afraid of the water in separate classes and developed a plan to conquer their fear. None of these men had swam before, so they were deadly afraid of the water.

Here was their strategy:

They lined them up to jump off a 6 foot diving board into 8 feet of water. Those who would not jump were pushed off the board.

Fear of water was defeated.




Recently I mentioned the Seth Godin quote, “Fear comes from thinking about what might happen.”

Whatever you’re afraid of today, defeating that fear is only one action step away.

Maybe your current job is not allowing you to live a healthy life.

Your commute is too long.

Your hours don’t allow any time for exercise .

Your stress level is too high to be battled.

You may want to think about a new job.

But that causes fear.

Fear that you will not be able to pay the mortgage, put the kids in college, etc.

According to Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, the  #2 factor in being rich is physical health (#12 is money)

Maybe your action is spending 30 minutes a day looking for a better job that will allow you to get rich again.

Maybe you are afraid to start exercising because you might flare up an old injury.

Maybe your next ACTION is to see a specialist about the injury.

Maybe if you saw a specialist with little impact you need to seek another option (Chiro, Accupunture, Massage).

If that didn’t work maybe you just need to start strength training and get stronger (something we see all the time).

Are you afraid about getting into the college you want?

Here is the solution:

Replace worry time with study time.

Are you afraid you may not make the travel team you want?

Go out and practice more than anyone else trying out.

If you still don’t make it after that, you’re in a much better position to make it next year.


Maybe you take action and are not able to conquer fear.

You may come back and me and say this doesn’t work.

It doesn’t work because you stopped taking action.


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