Grab a pen, you’re going to want to write this one down.

What I have for you today is the secret to finally getting the body you want, increasing your energy and having long term success on your diet.

You ready?


Sorry if that was anti-climatic, but it really does come down to that. There are a few other factors that come into play, but basically, if you don’t like the food you’re eating, you are not going to last very long on any meal plan or diet.

I hear it all the time:

“That diet was awesome, I lost a ton of weight and looked great, but the food was terrible”


“I’ve never been that lean, but I felt like crap all the time”

If you really want to find long lasting success and improve your health for the long term, you have to start thinking about what kind of foods you like to eat and are not going to create health problems for you.

Boiled chicken and broccoli three meals a day might get you shredded, but if you’re miserable and hate everything about it, that is not a long term solution, it becomes a tiny band aid you are putting over huge wound.

You need to start finding healthy foods that you really enjoy and can eat on a regular basis, that will not only help you get healthy, but that will also make you happy.

That is one of the biggest issues with sort term diets and most “quick-fix” meal plans, is you have to sacrifice your happiness or enjoyment of food in order to drop a few sizes or fit into some old clothes. It is not necessary and it is not realistic.

The people that I have been around and worked with who have experienced this long-term success have found foods that they truly enjoy, they have easy access to (whether its their own meal prep or from a restaurant) and are in-line with their health and fat loss goals.

Sure, there are always going to be times when you might tighten up your food choices and restrict items for short periods in order to reach a certain goal, but for the long term, it is time to stop trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

No matter how picky you are about food, there is a way to incorporate delicious, nutrient dense, healthy foods into your daily life. Being really “clean” for a few weeks and then letting yourself go for a few months and then “getting back on the wagon” is a vicious, never ending cycle.

If you want to get serious, if you want to see changes and have them last, it is time to start building them into your lifestyle and in order to have that last, if you have to enjoy what you’re eating.

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