60 minutes to Fat Loss

60-Minutes to Fat Loss?

There is a constant conversation on the Internet about the most effective way to burn fat.

Heavy weights or light weights? Long-distance cardio or sprints?

With all of these different opinions, how are you to know the best way to invest your time for fat loss?

I’m going to tell you right now – and I’m even going to break down the hour for you minute by minute.

Minutes 0-5:

Sit down and think about what meal is the hardest for you get healthy food.

For A LOT of people it is breakfast. For others, lunch in an office is really tough. And many parents I talk to make terrible choices at dinner when the kids are running around like crazy.

Whichever it is, think about that meal and what meal would be the IDEAL choice for burning body fat. Then make a list of the foods you need to build that meal.

Minutes 5-30:

Now that you have a list made, drive to the closest grocery store. Enter that store on a mission; DO NOT deviate from your list. Get the items you wrote down, nothing extra.

Once you have the items, get out of the store quickly, before you can make any bad choices.

Minutes 30-60:

Prep your ingredients, cook the meal and pack it away into meal size Tupperware. Make sure you take a little taste to make sure you did a great.

Now that you have your meal prep done for the week, you do not need to worry about what you are going to eat when you are in a rush or you are “starving”, because it is already there.

  • This meal prep is going to alleviate some stress from your day (GREAT FOR FAT LOSS)
  • The meals will give you more energy to work out (GREAT FOR FAT LOSS)
  • Your body will recover better from workouts and allow you to work out more! (GREAT FOR FAT LOSS)
  • The added protein will help you build more lean muscle mass (GREAT FOR FAT LOSS)
  • The added exercise will help you sleep much better (GREAT FOR FAT LOSS)
  • The added sleep will give put you in a much better mood and get you excited to cook more food (GREAT FOR FAT LOSS)

All that, in just 60 minutes. That’s all it takes.

So, even if you don’t feel like it, get it done!

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